Anxiety and fear


We all experience anxiety and fear at times but when it gets out of hand and begins to impact upon our everyday lives, then intervention is needed. I can work with you in a sensitive, empathic and patient way, finding out the reasons for your fear and anxiety and then using suitable therapeutic techniques and counselling to help you return to a condition where you feel better and well able to cope.

Eradicating your fear and anxiety

Anxiety, fear and even phobias can have terribly negative effects upon the body and your general health and if left untreated, you may find yourself extremely limited, sometimes feeling unable to face the world and as if you will never feel relaxed or happy again. This is not the case and by working with you on a one-to-one basis, I can help you with many problems and negative feelings such as:
• Feelings rooted in the past with latent issues impacting upon your present.
• Limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
• Feeling stuck and unable to move forward.
• Negative impact upon your general everyday life, at work and socially.
• Negative feelings as the result of and in relationships.
• Dealing with self-harm to cope with anxiety and how to change it.

Whilst fear and anxiety is a normal response for us as humans, when our fears are rooted in something they should not be and serving no useful purpose, sufferers can truly benefit from counselling and the application of specific techniques.

Signs of anxiety and stress

People don’t always recognise the signs of stress, anxiety and fear as they can manifest in many different ways. A few of the most common physical signs are:
o Racing heartbeat
o Feeling short of breath
o Tightness in the chest
o Dry mouth
o ‘Butterflies’ in the stomach
o Feeling sick and nauseas
o Running to the toilet constantly to pass urine or empty bowels
o Sweating
o Panic attacks
o Sleep problems/insomnia

But it doesn’t end there; what about the psychological signs of stress and anxiety? These vary but can include:
o Feeling very tense and wound up
o Agitation
o Scared of losing control
o Irrational fearful thoughts that something terrible is going to happen (death, accident, heart attack)
o Being short tempered and irritable
o Unable to focus or concentrate
o Developing phobias and fears
o Feeling detached
These can occur totally out of the blue after periods of severe stress or overwork or maybe triggered by external events such as exams, interviews, public speaking, flying or sports competitions.
They may creep up on you slowly so you hardly notice or suddenly hit your full force. Once anxiety is present, it can manifest in a series of worries such as not wanting to be around large groups of people, go to school or work or feeling anxious in social situations or relationships.
Think of anxiety as an exaggerated fear that is out of proportion to the situation, although to you it may feel very real. ‘Fight or flight’ responses can appear; this is an age-old primal fear that we used to need to protect us within a dangerous environment but now those situations no longer exist, our body still uses it if it feels that danger is present. A massive adrenaline response makes the heart race so that extra oxygen is provided in the body, ready for a confrontation; even if this danger is not real, we still feel on high alert and cannot calm down. Whilst this was great when we were cavemen and tackling life or death situations, in modern times, this response can now make us feel terrible and in turn, more fearful.

How I can help

Don’t feel that before you make contact with me you have to fully understand why you are feeling this way or whether you are suffering due to fear, stress, anxiety, a phobic response or even a panic attack. All of these issues and many others are based upon fear of some sort; as a psychotherapist, very often I see fear and anxiety coming together. Overcoming and dealing with these issues can be difficult but there are always ways of resolving them by applying the most suitable forms of counselling and/or therapies.
By getting to the root of what is causing your fear and anxiety, a route towards wellness and recovery can be found and issues that may have disrupted your life for a long time can be resolved.
You should never have to put up with constantly feeling afraid or anxious. Contact me today and allow me to get to know you better, empowering you to overcome fear, anxiety and stress and other related conditions.
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