August 29, 2019
stress and anxiety at work

Stress and anxiety at work

 Working in the city can be very stressful.  Working under high pressure, with tight deadlines, dealing with the competition, the anxiety of avoiding making any mistakes and the possibility of losing one’s income can feel as threatening as if we would be in danger of being eaten by a bear.  No wonder our bodies react in the same way, by going into fight or flight. However, in a high achieving, with big expectations and highly […]
October 13, 2017
deal with stress and anxiety

How to deal with stress and anxiety in your life.

How to deal with stress and anxiety in your life. We all know the importance of achieving peace in your life, not only for your mental state but your health and wellbeing too. However, we also think that this is an almost impossible task to achieve in today’s world. But is it? Do you know some of the things that would help, but find it hard to act on them? Have you ever thought of […]
September 16, 2017
feeling stuck, counselling help

On being or feeling stuck. Can you still be happy? Several ways in which counselling and therapy can help.

What does it mean to feel stuck? When you are feeling stuck you may believe that you have no choice, you feel trapped in a situation where you have very little or no control of. You may feel that your life is dictated and decided by the ones around you (i.e. boss, partner, parents/family, government, society pressures, teachers etc.) and you don’t know how to change or whether there is a way to change this […]
June 13, 2017
dealing with chronic pain

On dealing with PAIN

Have you been struggling with pain for years, either emotional or physical? Have you tried so many things which did not work for you, that you now gave up the hope it can get any better? Do you tell yourself now: ‘what’s  the point, it won’t work anyway?’ It is understandable that after many disappointments one may feel hopeless and defeated. But if you give up on trying, what will ever change? If you reflect […]
March 19, 2017
relationship issues counselling

Relationship issues counselling and psychotherapy

What happens when we have relationship issues? It is a great feeling to be in a relationship and get along with the one you work with, the one you live with or with anyone you care about. However, often a lot of efforts are required to make your relationship a happy one. In most relationships, whether it is at work with colleagues or with your manager, at home with your family or your partner, chances […]
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