How to deal with stress and anxiety in your life.

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On being or feeling stuck. Can you still be happy? Several ways in which counselling and therapy can help.
September 16, 2017
stress and anxiety at work
Stress and anxiety at work
August 29, 2019

How to deal with stress and anxiety in your life.

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deal with stress and anxiety

How to deal with stress and anxiety in your life.

We all know the importance of achieving peace in your life, not only for your mental state but your health and wellbeing too. However, we also think that this is an almost impossible task to achieve in today’s world. But is it? Do you know some of the things that would help, but find it hard to act on them? Have you ever thought of the unhelpful beliefs that you lead your life by and how could you change them? So then, if you know or have some ideas of what you help you release stress and deal better with it when it ‘appears’, what stops you from implementing them? And we know that work, studies, relationships etc. all come with their own stressors. But do you know that it is about how you deal with them that creates the stress response within you? So it is your attitude to them! Would you like to learn how to release stress and find ways to change your attitude to stressful events?

This November we (myself and Lanzasurf) will be offering a Wellbeing Coaching, Surf, and Yoga Retreat in Spain, which will teach you different ways to help you release stress and anxiety, as well as learning how to change your mindset and become more resilient to stress.

In the meantime, or for those that cannot make this amazing retreat, I have also put together some of the best ways that you can try and release the feelings of stress and anxiety that you have in your life.  Some are simple things, some are mindset changes, but all are known to give you an improved quality of life.

Talk to someone

You should never underestimate the power of talking. Being able to share your feelings and concerns with someone else is vital in releasing them and enabling you to move on. It needs to be someone that you can trust, that you feel won’t have any judgment and who will listen, empathise and allow you to voice how you feel. If you have someone like that in your life, then this is a hugely positive step. In case you struggle to find someone who you can trust, perhaps because of anxious feelings taking over and worries about being vulnerable, you can seek help from a professional therapist to help you make the first steps towards your healing and stress relieved journey through life.

Meditate or breathe deeply

If you are struggling with feelings of anxiety, then meditating can be a great way to relieve these. Mediation and deep breathing can change the fight or flight response triggered in your body in response to stress before it takes over and it becomes a vicious cycle in which you feel trapped. Daily meditation, even if just for a few minutes, can alter the neural pathways in your brain, which will help you to cope better with all the things that life can throw at you. You can find excellent meditation videos on YouTube which can guide you through the steps – for example, ‘The Honest Guys guided meditation for stress and anxiety’. Find the one that works for you (also keep an eye on the Resources page on my website as I will be soon releasing some self-hypnosis mp3s to help you).

Not sure that you know how to meditate? As an alternative, you can spend 5-10 minutes at least once a day or when you feel you are anxious and stressed, focusing on your breathing instead. It may sound ‘silly’ and ‘too simple’, but it makes a huge positive change to help you manage your stress response. You can start with a few deep breaths, sitting up-right and inhaling through your nose, feeling your belly rising, followed by a long exhale through your mouth. Then continue following your normal breath in and out, focusing on every detail of it, and noticing how your body and mind become more relaxed.

Be present in the moment

We all feel overwhelmed by the world around us from time to time and anxiety appears often when we fear for something that WILL or COULD happen in the future. If this is true for you then it is a good idea to try out mindfulness, or being present in the moment. Make sure that you are focused on just how you feel at that precise moment. Whether that is a feeling that you have, food that you are eating, music or sounds you are hearing, your sense of touch or perhaps just enjoying the world as it is right there. This will help you to remember where you are and will combat any stress that you feel about things that may happen in the future, or that have happened in the past, helping you get a different and potentially more helpful perspective on things.

Write things down

Another way to find relief is to write down your anxious thought patterns. The read them back to yourself. What are you constantly telling yourself? What can you change?

What are the things you are doing at the moment that brings you joy? What can you change?

What are the things that stress you out? Write them down. What can you change?

What would make you happy? How could you get there?

Gratefulness exercise

You know when you are pressured to get something done because of a deadline or because it is absolutely necessary? In those times you find resources you never knew you had because you focus on what you need to achieve! So what do you think happens when you focus on everything that could go wrong, on all the people that could hurt you? As you get trapped in the stressful and anxious feelings, it is all you focus on. And you are missing out on what you already have and which you can have.

So every morning, give yourself 5 minutes where you think about 3 things you are grateful for. Allow yourself to feel that gratefulness in your heart. In this way, you help your mind to get a head start before stressful events happen and to be better able to react to them.

Physical Exercise

It is a well-known fact that exercise has a great impact on your mood. And this is why we included surf and yoga in our retreat. The hormones and chemicals that are released when you exercise are essential in creating a feel-good state as well as helping you release the tensions and stress. The mind and body work together, so it is essential to take care of both. Not only this, but exercise will also make sure that you feel healthier as a person too.


So, there you have it, some of the best ways you can try on your own so that you can let go of those unwanted feelings. Why not try them out for yourself?

Also, remember if you need some extra help, as well as want to try and catch some last minute sunshine, book into our retreat and give yourself a much-needed treat. Apart from the things mentioned above, the retreat coaching includes:

  • 1 h each day Monday to Friday of group coaching ( up to 10 people)
  • Techniques used: counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Tapping (emotional freedom technique)
  • Identify your stressors and obstacles to change and creative solutions to overcome them
  • Learn to let go of difficult emotions and stress
  • Learn to identify unhelpful beliefs, challenge and change them
  • Learn to use breathing, imagery, and taping to help you relax more to allow your body to regenerate and strengthen: healthy mind in a healthy body!
  • Explore and practice several techniques to release and manage stress and anxiety.
  • Reflect on what needs to be done to create a balance and inner peace.


Please feel free to contact me in case you would like 1-2-1 therapy sessions to overcome stress and anxiety and to find ways to release them, as well as changing how you react to them and feel more resilient.


We often cannot control everything that is happening to us, but we can control our attitude to it, and it is this which influences our wellbeing.



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