June 13, 2017
dealing with chronic pain

On dealing with PAIN

Have you been struggling with pain for years, either emotional or physical? Have you tried so many things which did not work for you, that you now gave up the hope it can get any better? Do you tell yourself now: ‘what’s  the point, it won’t work anyway?’ It is understandable that after many disappointments one may feel hopeless and defeated. But if you give up on trying, what will ever change? If you reflect […]
March 19, 2017
relationship issues counselling

Relationship issues counselling and psychotherapy

What happens when we have relationship issues? It is a great feeling to be in a relationship and get along with the one you work with, the one you live with or with anyone you care about. However, often a lot of efforts are required to make your relationship a happy one. In most relationships, whether it is at work with colleagues or with your manager, at home with your family or your partner, chances […]
February 11, 2017
good enough, find true self

‘Who am I? Am I good enough?’ On finding your true self.

From a very early age we are shaped and told who we should be. Maybe our parents try and mold us to be who they never had the chance to be, but also unknowingly passing some of their fears in the process. They want to do what they think is best for us, they teach us to ‘obey’ the rules of our culture, religion and of our society. Our teachers later would do the same […]
October 17, 2016
getting out of comfort zone, challenging fear

On getting out of the comfort zone and challenging fears

A weekend away with 50 strangers is a scary idea for many people. And it was the same for me, until one weekend I decided to question what I found so scary about it. Of course, there are the usual things and ‘what ifs’, such as ‘what if they don’t like me’, ‘what if I don’t fit in’, ‘what if someone hurts me in some way’. What if? What would happen? What would I do? […]