Psychotherapy & counselling in Wimbledon and Online

At Soul Mind Therapy, my specialism is working with clients who need help with anxiety and relationship issues.

I also offer supervision sessions for counsellors and psychotherapists.

Covering Wimbledon area and online, I use various forms of therapy and counselling, including:

  • Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling
  • Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and NLP
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

    Whether you are struggling due to problems created by difficulties in relationships, depression, low self-esteem, stress, PTSD, generalised, social or relationships anxiety or any other mental and emotional health issues, I am here to help.

  • Anxiety

    Anxiety can often be misunderstood and so your reaction to these feelings can bring many struggles. Whilst it is rooted in fear, anxiety is exaggerated worrying, like an 'infected fear', and even though it appears to be there to protect us, anxiety ends up doing the opposite, impacting upon our ability to function, keeping us trapped and emotionally paralysed. This is when clients come to me for help.

    By enabling them to understand better what they’re really afraid off and their potential roots, issues such as chronic anxiety, it's effects on the body and panic attacks can be dealt with in much healthier ways and often eliminated. By working with clients in a careful and considered way, I am able to take them towards a place of acceptance so that they understand the way they are feeling and no longer feel distressed. By exploring fear and anxiety in depth and through the application of powerful techniques and counselling, resilience, hope and strength can return.

    Relationship Issues

    I deal with different types of relationship issues (relationships with oneself, with family, friends, colleagues, etc.), enabling clients to gain more understanding of themselves and others, to feel more optimistic and better able to manage difficulties. Counselling can help you see the relationship from different perspectives, understand own patterns and work towards reacting from a kind and assertive place, both towards yourself and others, this leading to happier relationships.
    I can help you explore thoughts, feelings that may feel just too scary to confront alone. By bringing emotions and feelings out into the open, you are free to discuss and feel the relief of letting those emotions out without feeling judged. By gaining a much clearer perspective and understanding of yourself, your feelings and behaviours can help you change your unhelpful thoughts and unhealthy patterns. Ever complex, even the most complicated of relationships issues can be aided by the use of therapy and counselling.

    Whether your problem is with fear/anxiety or relationship issues or something else, I am here to help. Get in touch with me today and let me begin to support you. I am here to help you discover and explore your inner power and resources and gain your strength and confidence.


    What I offer my clients

    A safe and caring environment where you are comfortable sharing your feelings and emotions

    Professional support and therapies that suit your physical, mental and emotional health

    Encouragement and motivation to help you get rid of negative thoughts

    Empower and support clients to build emotional resilience and achieve the changes they desire

    Help to make you bring the change you want to have in your life

    Sessions where you can confidentially discuss about your problems in face-to-face and Skype sessions

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    BACP Accredited Member

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