Working with you on a one-to-one basis, my relationship services, including therapy, counselling, tapping and hypnotherapy techniques are able to deal with many areas of concern. Nothing is too complex or difficult so if you feel that you need support and assistance, I am here to help by enabling you to tap into your own inner resources and overcome all kinds of issues.
And remember, you don’t have to be crazy, feeling suicidal or really bad for me to help; very often, tackling areas of difficulty early on, we are able to nip them in the bud before they really take hold.


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Some of the relationship issues that I can assist with

Here are just a few of the issues that I have helped previous clients with in the past:
• Being self-critical – why this happens, the effects and feelings of low self-worth and how to change.
• Relationship patterns – looking to the past to identify patterns and dynamics and turn them around.
• Victim/abuser – no matter which of these roles you feel that you identify with, I will help you to move forward.
• Stagnant relationships – just because you feel stuck in an unhappy place now this does not necessarily mean the end of a relationship. Together we will examine how to introduce positive change.
• Marriage/relationship breakdowns – how to carry on, deal with the pain and look to the future.
• Letting go of the past – you don’t have to feel trapped, still reliving past events and experiencing upsetting trauma. I will show you how to put your past behind you in a healthy way.
• External factors – how to prevent differing attitudes towards issues such as family values, religion and culture bringing your relationship down.

The power of change

Starting from your relationship with yourself (e.g. what you say to yourself, do you beat yourself up?.

Do you put yourself down? do you give yourself unrealistic expectations? do you continuously think you are not good enough?) and your relationship with others, relationships are important to our wellbeing and that is why our health and general happiness suffers when relationships turn from good to bad. So, making relationships work can result in an improvement in our health and happiness.
If your relationships are out of line or unbalanced then not only your personal but also your social life can suffer. New relationships may seem impossible as you feel worried and insecure, always needing reassurance and approval from others, battling with blocks that subconsciously prevent you from committing. If you constantly keep being attracted to the same sort of people, in relationships where you suffer, things won’t change and toxic and damaging relationships will prevail. It is possible to retain the excitement and positivity that all relationships start with once you realise that the soulmate you are seeking maybe the wrong one for you. You will see how easy it is to set boundaries that suit you and how sex needn’t be the focus all of the time. Maybe you find yourself going from one one-night stand to the other, using sex to try and block your real feelings? Or maybe jealousy, age or being overly sensitive are holding you back from going forward? Or maybe your current issues apply to the rest of your family or even your children?

Transform your life

The right partner for you is out there; it may be your current love and you just need to improve your relationship or you are yet to find them. Changing repeating unhealthy patterns in your relationships with your loved ones will take some work. But it will worth it. And it is much easier to do this when you come from a place of self worth and confidence. When you are happy and free of stress, everything becomes easier and that applies to everyone around you. By freeing yourself from the negative feelings from the past, you can be the partner/spouse/parent/ child/ friend/ colleague that you need and want to be. Once you find the way towards building strong and productive relationships, everyone around you will feel the difference and your life will be transformed.

Every person is different and so are the relationship problems that you face; by getting to know you, how you feel and where you want to be, I will put together a bespoke array of treatments, comprising therapy, counselling or both.

This way, you will be empowered to find positivity in your relationships with others and address any areas of concern that may cause you conflict in the future.

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